Subject and Object of the Law

Subject and Object of the Law

1 . Subject of the Law

The subject of the law is all that could have the right and obligation to act within the law. Consists of persons and legal entities .
Subject to the law in 2 types , namely:

A. Subject Law of Human
It is every person has the same rights and obligations as a supporter . In principle the law as the subject starts from birth to death.
There are also people who do not get is the subject of law , because it does not say in the legal act that is:
a. Children who are still underage , minor, and not married.
b. People who are in remission that is a sick mind, drunkard , spendthrift

B. Subject Law of Enterprises
It is a assembly or board created by law and has a particular purpose . As subjects of the law, a business entity has the conditions stipulated by the law , namely:
a. Area has a wealth of riches member
b. Rights and Obligations of a legal entity separate from the rights and obligations of its members.

2. Object of the Law

Object of the law is that all things that are beneficial to the subject of the law and could be the object of a legal relationship . Object law can be either thing or good or right which can be owned and economic value.
Type of law that is based on the Civil Code Article 503-504 KUH stated that the matter can be divided into two , namely materialistic things ( Materiekegoderen ) , and things are not material ( Immateriekegoderan ) . The following explanation are :

A. Materialistic things ( Materiekegoderen )
Materialistic things ( Materiekegoderen ) is an object whose properties are to be seen, touched , felt by the five senses , consisting of things changed / tangible . Which includes:
a. Moving objects / not fixed , the best thing a man can spend and the things that can not be spent
b. Things do not move

B. Things are not material ( Immateriekegoderen )
Things are not material ( Immateriegoderen ) is an object that is felt by the senses alone ( not visible ) and then be realized to be a statement of, enterprise brand , patents, and inventions of music / song .


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