Ayam Pop


My topic right now is about one of the most famous traditional food in indonesia.

It come from bukittinggi, west sumatera.

It’s very delicious food and people called it ayam pop.

First of all i want tell about the history ayam pop.

The origin of this POP Chicken originated from one of the restaurants that exist in Bukit Tinggi, located in Fort Beautiful, namely Fort Lovely family restaurant.

Where there are really distinctive flavor in this Eating, Chicken POP is a kampong chicken dish that has been boiled and then fried briefly plus there is processed chicken chili add pleasure POP.

POP chicken fried chicken but the fact is clearly different from the usual fried chicken dishes, from the glimpse of this chicken like a still raw and pale with a simple look.

But once perceived, it was very tasty, tender and the chicken taste very different from the existing village chicken flavor.

Sauce served with Chicken Pop is not like chili sauce Padang cuisine typically, where the orange sauce pretty lit up. Sauce made from chili, tomato and red onion finely ground and then cooked with flavor that is not too spicy but slightly acidic.

My experience to taste it is very delicious food once you try you can eating this three to five chicken pop 😁


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